Two out of Three ain’t bad


Our crazy pre swim run – 3 miles through puddles, ice, snow, on to busy roads, through a park where nothing was cleared. But we finished! And then swam. There are not pictures of me at the pool since I figured that sort of thing was frowned upon.

Saying that I didn’t know what I was getting into when I signed up for my first Triathlon might imply that I looked into it. Much like most things in my life I kind of just jumped in and then worried about it later.

Some good examples might be that I ended up eloping with my husband just 7 months after we started dating and just 3 months after I graduated college. I jumped in to applying to law school without really knowing what I wanted to do. We bought a house quickly because we needed one before my husband could get a work dog. I consistently jump in to volunteer for everything without thinking, often double and triple booking myself with activities that all overlap. I signed up for my first half marathon without having run more than a 5k. I just kind of commit sometimes and worry about the details later. I don’t recommend it, but it’s worked for me so far.

As I said before this race sign up was emotionally charged. Amy R. (not to be confused with the Amy D. from my last post) announced she wanted to do this race, and since I love company on my adventures and I wanted to commit to a tri this year I hopped on it. I’m not completely crazy. I have plenty of lead time for a sprint tri. I know that I can easily run a 5k , and that while I couldn’t hop on a bike right now and finish 15 miles, I’m proficient enough that I can get there. That’s two of the three things. Plus, I mean I knew swimming was hard, but how hard could it be?

The answer, it turns out, is much harder than I thought. I will say over and over how fortunate I am to have wonderful people in my life. This time my friend Debbie gets the spotlight. I was terrified of my first swim. 90% of the reason was that I was worried about the lap pool. Would I be in the way of real swimmers? Would people be annoyed at me? Would some poor soul try to share a lane with me and regret it immediately. In stepped Debbie. After an insane run, she went to the YMCA in order to give me tons of pointers. Debbie is a marathoner and a Half Ironman finisher. She’s also just a really cool person and fun to run with. She watched me swim, watched me drink pool water, taught me what all the swimming gadgets were for, and gave me both long and short term things to work on. She was there to share a lane with me so I wouldn’t be so worried about it, and overall she was just very encouraging. I would have left after my first lap if I had to do it on my own, so I was very glad for the company and advice.

Now, I still have a TON of work to do on swimming. I couldn’t finish the swim right now if I had to, but again I have until August. I don’t know how I will ever figure out the breathing thing. But, I got into the pool for the first time and that’s a start. All I need to do now is actually learn how to swim!


One thought on “Two out of Three ain’t bad

  1. Debbie, is like… the best!


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