Kentucky Anniversary

I have been working with a triathlon coach who has made me a handy training plan which I was all set to follow 100%. Between the bad weather, the stomach flu, a little swim fear and an anniversary trip, I’ve not been doing as well as I’ve wanted, but I would say I’m about 80% right now. I really did have a lot going on and sometimes in life you have to just roll with it and that’s what I’m aiming for.

But I decided I’m going to mix it up and talk a little and talk about my trip to Kentucky.


A basic summary of our trip to Kentucky

The hubs and I have been married for 15 years now. We left on a cross country trip in early March 2003 and when we got to Oklahoma a few weeks later, he proposed that we get married when we got to Vegas. I laughed, thought he was joking and then said “sure” when he assured me he was not joking. That trip was awesome for a lot of non-marriage related reasons. We didn’t plan much at all. We had a basic outline and timeline of when we wanted to be places. We didn’t book hotels or camp sites or decide where we were going to stay until we got somewhere. We stopped to see quirky things and found a lot of fun things to do along the way. Oh and this was before GPS was widely available and affordable, so we did it all with an Atlas.

This trip was similar. The hubs had a race in rural Kentucky that he was doing and so we decided that we would drive there together, and take a few days on either side to visit Kentucky. I had scheduled a bourbon tour for him for his birthday a few years back, but it fell through do to scheduling so I also owed him one. We decided to pick up a Bourbon Trail Passport to give us a general idea of where we might go.We went to all of the 9 distilleries on the passport and then also went to Buffalo Trace since that was something we both really wanted to see.



We stopped and tasted a lot of bourbon and did more tours than I thought was necessary (but sometimes they made you do a tour to get a tasting). The one interesting thing was that a lot of the tours focused on different things. Buffalo Trace was pretty specific to their distillery. Wild Turkey was more about the process and took us into the distillery to see the mash fermenting. Bulleit was an overview of the history of the bourbon industry. So in that was it was good to have some of those experiences.

Overall we had a really great time and it was a nice time to get away from the craziness of work, kids, and training. I was able to come back and feel more rested and have been hitting my workouts more consistently.

In other news, I was able to sign up for the Millheim Sprint Triathlon which will hopefully provide me with some practice before my goal race in Cayuga. I’m hoping that provides me with a little extra confidence around the mechanics of a triathlon, which currently is my biggest worry.



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